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Part II: The Yin, The Yang, and the Possibility of Arm Balancing

Exceed your own expectations in two advanced practice workshops in May and June that will strengthen and open your body, support your nervous system, and surprise your mind with new possibilities!

Spend time in both an active and powerful flow (yang) and plenty of time listening, opening, and lengthening (yin) to support you in these workshops. Work from a foundation of classic yoga poses including mountain, tree, plank, and half-lotus to progressively build up to challenging arm balances.

Want to know which advanced poses will be offered?!! Come to the workshops. Variations and challenges will be offered in both workshops. While the June workshop will build from the May workshop, it is not necessary to attend both. Crystal will support you along the way and support you when you most need it in this accessible AND challenging workshop!

Date: Saturday, June 22, 11:30am-1:30pm

Cost: Members: $15 until June 15, then $20 (must purchase in studio to get Member price)

Non-Members: $25 until June 15, then $35