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Experienced. Dedicated. Continuous Learners. Light bringers. Over 55 yrs of combined teaching experience.

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Stephani Jungmeyer

Stephani has been practicing yoga for over 20 years.  In 2007, she made a life changing decision to leave her career as an attorney and got her 200- hour RYT certification & began teaching at several yoga studios in Northwest Arkansas.  In 2010, she traveled to India to study yoga and meditation in two ashrams, the Isha Institute and the Sivananda Yoga Ashram. Stephani followed her dreams and opened Trailside Yoga on March 15, 2014.  In 2016, she completed her 500-hour RYT certification with Teri Honeysuckle of Yoga Gypsy & a certification in Yin Yoga.  In 2017, Stephani completed a mentorship with Matt Giordano & a 100-hour RYT certification with Diana Vitantonio of Breathless Yoga.  Stephani is blessed with a supportive husband, two beautiful daughters, a dog & a cat. Her favorite things to do when not practicing yoga are traveling, hiking, camping, photography, making jewelry, dancing, making & seeing live music. “My goal is to share my love of yoga with others so that they too can find a happier, healthier way to live through the practice of yoga. In addition to teaching & practicing asana, I have a dedicated meditation practice, enjoy chanting & kirtan.”  ~ Stephani  


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Lucus DeBuhr

Lucus is dedicated to tuning in and trusting intuition. He feels the process of following your inner guidance will bring the body into a state of great health. He encourages his students to follow their own consciousness and witness the clarity that accompanies focus. “I am grateful to have the opportunity to encourage others to find their own voice and to nurture it. Thank you for reading my bio! Namaste.” ~ Lucus


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Cheryl Walsh

Cheryl is both a mother and a nurse practitioner. She teaches with a joyful, compassionate and grounding presence through connection with the breath. Her goal is to create powerful, fearless people through the practice of yoga. She loves teaching, practicing and educating herself about yoga, anatomy and philosophy. Cheryl loves to learn and has completed a 60 hour teacher training and Teach from Namaste at Soul Yoga, The Art of Yoga Assists with Karl Straub, a 20 hour training with Yoga Ananda Yoga Shala's Good To Great Program with Maria Merrill, and a 200 hour RYT training with Teri Hegi at Yoga Gypsy. She has a passion for rock climbing and loves mountains and streams. “I am most inspired by the healing power of a breath centered practice.” ~ Cheryl


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Danielle Ribaudo

Danielle’s curiosity of holistic studies, both of the physical and energetic realm began at a young age. Her mother supported and inspired her to explore her passions she took courses at Scottsdale Community College on energy healing modalities that focused on balancing and cleansing the aura using Therapeutic Touch. In 2008 she deepened her yoga practice and completed her 200 hour yoga teacher training in Tempe Arizona. Since then she has had the opportunity to study with many amazing teachers aiding her to develop a style that pulls from various yogic backgrounds ranging in traditions from Ashtanga, and Vinyasa, to Anusara, and Iyenagar, as well as Yoga Therapy, and Meditation. “ My goal as a teacher is to create a space where you too can feel supported as you observe your relationship with the self and open up to the endless possibilities as you transform to greatness together.” ~ Danielle


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Ashleigh Price

Ashleigh has been infatuated by the yoga practice since she began in 2008. In 2012 she attained her 200 hour yoga training in an alignment based style of yoga called Anusara. She is presently working on attaining her 500-hour yoga teaching certification from Tias Little of Prajna Yoga during regular trips to Santa Fe, NM. Ashleigh teaches SloFlow & Yin at Trailsides & loves helping guide students to slow down & breathe more fully. She greatly enjoys curating easeful & soulful classes to suit each unique student’s needs. She believes that through increased body-awareness we can unlock & release patterns & emotional issues in the body. Off the mat, she is a marketing consultant & interior designer, dog mom,and lover of hiking, regular travel, and cooking. She lives by the mantra, “what you resist persists, but what you choose to look at with gratitude ceases to have its illusory form.” ~ Ashleigh


Tonia Squires

Tonia wears a few hats— single mother of four, nurse, lactation consultant, childbirth educator, doula, and yoga instructor.  She believes yoga is for every body at every stage of life. Her intention for every class is for her students to feel better than when they walked in, have learned something new about themselves and to enjoy being in their body. Tonia completed her yoga teacher training at The Yoga Shala in Jasper, AR near the beautiful Buffalo River.  She chose this training for its emphasis on preparing teachers to teach anyone who walks into class, regardless of age or abilities. Tonia enjoys hiking, dancing, yoga and finding new ways to be in community. She also enjoys sharing her yoga practice on social media in hopes that it will inspire others to move in ways that feel good. “I just love the feeling I get when I walk into the Trailside Studio, the smells, the candles, wood floors and natural light, the people. It feels like coming home.” ~ Tonia


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Crystal Beshears

Crystal's powerful, knowledgeable, and accessible classes are only a part of what makes her a great teacher. She is always innovating, encouraging, and bringing people together. With such a grounding and uplifting presence, students automatically feel her genuineness the moment they walk into her classes, trainings, and workshops. Crystal believes in living a life full of deliberate action from the heart and challenges students to inquire and act from their hearts. With over 500 training hours in yoga and fitness education, a licensed Yoga & Continuing Education School with Yoga Alliance, and experience internationally both with Lightyear Leadership and public education, her experience backs her heart’s calling! She is the founder of Powered By Heart & PBH School of Yoga. "I love to dance, laugh, travel, be with friends and family, especially my two daughters, and love both my career in education and leading yoga.” ~ Crystal



Sara McCullough

Sara is a leader in the Northwest Arkansas yoga community and has been a dedicated yoga practitioner for over 10 years. She left a corporate career in 2012 to dedicate all her time and energy to studying and sharing the knowledge of yoga. She has completed multiple advanced certifications and has travelled the world studying yoga and leading trainings. She approaches yoga as a framework for living, and has applied the practice to all aspects of her life. 


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Virginia Hickman

Virginia is 200 hours certified in Kundalini yoga and 100 in Vinyasa. She teaches Kundalini on Tuesday nights at Trailside but you can often find her subbing flow classes as well. Virginia is passionate about practicing and teaching both Kundalini and Vinyasa. She hopes to spread more awareness of the power of Kundalini because she knows if more people practiced this transformative technique of meditation the world would be happier, healthier, and holier. When she’s not teaching in Fayetteville you can find her at her farm in Avoca, Arkansas tending to her animals, hiking, dancing, gardening, and mediating in the woods. “Yoga is my life. It saved my life. Vinyasa helped heal my body and mind but kundalini woke up my spirit. My goal is to introduce as many people as I can to these practices so that they can live life more gracefully. Sat Nam.” ~ Virginia


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Like many, Chris came to yoga after struggling to cope with difficult life experiences. He found a small studio in NWA that introduced him to the benefits of a regular practice. Chris discovered that his practice offered a way to explore and sit comfortably with all of the insecurities and fears he would normally try to run away from. While living in Chicago, Chris found what truly felt like home with a studio called Zen Yoga Garage. He received his 200 RYT at Zen and is grateful to his teachers, Piper-Lori Parker and Margo Kellison-Lightburn for their guidance.  He completed his 300hr training with Meghan Currie in the Nicaraguan jungle, an experience he is eternally grateful for and will never forget.

Chris is a lover of handstands, backbends, nature, vegan food, and coffee. His classes have a strong focus on alignment mixed with intrinsic movement - expect longer holds, mixed with breath conscious flows, and some inversion playtime. Most importantly he hopes you walk away from his class with a lighter heart and a few laughs. Chris hopes to inspire people to dive deeper than the physical side of yoga to see how it can shine a brighter light into their daily life.


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Melody Smith

Starting out as a dedicated student in 2015, she made her way to karma yogi and now teaches SloFlow once a week. In late 2018 she completed her 200 hour YTT in Rishikesh, India where she spent 6 weeks studying a holistic approach to Hatha Yoga, Ayurveda, and ashram based living. Melody is passionate about learning, sharing with others and connecting deeper with her self. She hopes to guide her students into greater understanding themselves by bringing awareness to the body, thought patterns, and energetic influences. “My biggest goal as a yoga teacher, and just as a human being in general, is to empower others to make changes for themselves. We have the healing we’ve been looking for. We just have to remember it’s within us.”